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Is your home ready for winter?

Fall is a good time to prepare your home for the winter. As temperatures begin to drop, your home will require some low maintenance in order to keep it worry-free throughout the winter.

1.) Water lines: disconnect and drain all garden hoses from outside faucets and store, removing them from harsh elements if possible. Always know where your water main is located in case you need to shut it off in emergencies. If you go on vacation, leave heat on, and set to at least 55 degrees. Sprinkler systems should be shut off and drained. 

2.) Gutters, down spouts and foundation vents: wet leaves and debris remaining in the gutter over winter adds a significant weight and volume to the gutter when frozen and increases water build-up on roofs. Maintain clean gutters to avoid any issues and close any foundation vents.

3.) Heating and cooling systems: replace the A/C and furnace filters every 60 days to ensure the most efficient economical operation of your system. Clogged filters can inhibit the operation of the system and cause costly repairs. Make sure to clear obstacles from the vents so air can flow freely and reverse the direction of the ceiling fans to increase energy efficiency and comfort. Test your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries if needed.

Posted by kayla2256@gmail.com at 9/30/2019 9:10:00 PM
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