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Why You Should Consider Buying A Home In The Winter

Reasons why you should consider buying a home in the winter...

THERE’S LESS COMPETITION THAN TRYING TO BUY IN THE SUMMER - Due to a lower number of buyers looking during the winter months, you are likely to get a great price on your new home. There is less inventory, but that works in the buyer’s favor.

MOTIVATED SELLERS AND REALTORS - Fewer people look into purchasing a new home in the winter. This means fewer sales for realtors. Typically, Realtors work almost entirely on commission, so they’ll be motivated to help you find your dream home for the best price. With fewer people listing their homes, that also means your realtor may be slightly less busy during this time, which provides you with more of their time and attention. Sellers will be more motivated to sell promptly and are typically more willing to negotiate, making the winter a buyer’s market.

MOVING COMPANIES ARE NOT AS BUSY - Depending on where you live, moving during the winter can be difficult with snow and cold weather. Most people avoid moving in the winter, for this reason, meaning the local moving companies are less booked and are likely looking for work. In the spring and summer, when many people are buying and selling homes, movers can be booked solid. You might even be able to negotiate a better rate to hire movers during this time.


Just like your realtor, your mortgage broker will be busier in the summer months when many of their clients will be selling and buying homes. Many brokers and lenders are backlogged for weeks during the popular season, which delays the entire closing process.Wait times for every part of the closing process will be faster because things slow down drastically around the holidays. Sellers will want a quick close, and they’ll also want to make sure their home is sold before the holidays or before the spring season. This can be ideal for many winter buyers.

EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES - There could be some personal circumstances that are behind why the seller has listed their home. New job, relocating for work, family needs, or other extenuating circumstances might make them more motivated to sell. This could mean that they are very motivated to sell out of necessity and that they may be willing to negotiate to have a fast sell and close.

LOCK-IN YOUR INTEREST RATE - Interest rates could be on the rise in the new year, so buying at the end of the year is a smart way to lock in your interest rate before a potential increase. Depending on where you live, you can also take advantage of possible tax breaks for purchasing a home in the winter or before year-end. Pay close attention to the climate of the financial market. If you feel the rates are going to increase, it is worth looking into buying beforehand.

7.) YOU CAN SEE HOW YOUR POTENTIAL NEW HOME PERFORMS IN WINTER WEATHER - Viewing homes in the winter, depending on the weather conditions in your area, can show you the flaws in the house before you purchase. Knowing if the windows are drafty or poorly insulated is difficult in the summer. Inspecting how the furnace works and identifying any improvements you would need to make is much easier to do during the colder months. Moving in during the winter weather shows you how the house holds up during the worst weather it will have to endure. You can also see and ask questions about how difficult the home is to maintain during the winter months like shoveling the sidewalk and driveway. Buying a house in the winter isn’t always an ideal situation to find yourself in, but it does have several benefits you may not have considered before. Buyers hold the upper hand typically, with the ability to negotiate better pricing and lock in interest rates before they potentially rise. Many people are looking to sell with motivation, so buyers can close on the purchase fast. Buying a home in the winter means you can spend the coldest season of the year in your new home, already settled. You can get ready to spend time with your family – without having to worry about an impending move.

Posted by kayla2256@gmail.com at 12/27/2019 7:41:00 PM
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